Our Step-By-Step Construction Process

We developed a unique step-by-step construction process to help our customers visualize how their home will be built and to be aware of what is coming next. Our process has built in walk-thru points along the way, where you will be given a walk-thru orientation and an opportunity to inspect your home. These walk-thrus can be in person or virtual. Quality checkpoints must be passed within one phase before we will move on to the next.

Designer Services

Homeworks provides each client with designer services. Based on your chosen collection, our design team will advise and assist you in many of the decisions you have in building your home. With your budget in mind, our team will steer you in the right direction and save you countless hours. This service is our gift to you, and one that we hope will help turn what can be a frustrating experience into an enjoyable time.


Our goal is to be more than just a builder of your home. We want to be a partner who helps you to achieve all that you expected in your new home. To accomplish this goal, we will keep you constantly informed of the progress of your home.


The most important reason for choosing Homeworks as your partner in building your home is our commitment to Integrity. Simply stated, what Integrity means to us is that we do what we say we will do. In the building of a home, opportunities often arise when a decision has to be made on whether a mistake will be fixed correctly or be covered up. It is not difficult in many situations to cover up a problem that may never be noticed. It is our policy, and more importantly, it is our promise to build your home to the highest standards and to let Integrity be our guide.

We think that you will find that the Homeworks difference is worthwhile, and we look forward to working with you!